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Elcon 3000W HF/PFC LiFePO4 Charger


  • Shipping Weight: 10.24kg
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Elcon 3000W HF/PFC Charger
1. Internal integrated PFC, no pollution to electric network, avoid shocking on from heavy current.
2. Wide input voltage range AC85V~AC265V available for worldwide requirements, convenient for electric-network fluctuation and vehicles exportation.
3. High with 93% above efficiency while only about 80% efficiency the traditional chargers can meet.
4. Intelligent temperature compensation function in the charging process, preventing the damage to battery caused by charge-off or charge due, greatly extending the lifespan of the battery.
5. Fully-sealed and water-proof, protection class IP46. Shock resistance treatment made inside makes vibration-proof level up to SAEJ1378 that can fully meet the standard of automobile appliance usage.
6. Available for various kinds batteries like lead-acid, LiFePO4, Lithium battery etc., Flexible and programmable of the charging mode. Equipped with Enable Control(Automatic Control) or CAN communication interface to realize real-time communication with BMS for options.
    Spec Output Voltage Output Voltage Output Current
  -Nominal  -Maximum -Maximum
TCCH-24-80 24V 35V 80A
TCCH-36-66 36V 51V 66A
TCCH-48-50 48V 65V 50A
TCCH-60-40 60V 90V 40A
TCCH-72-32 72V 104V 32A
TCCH-84-28 84V 114V 28A
TCCH-96-24 96V 130V 24A
TCCH-120-20 120V 161V 20A
TCCH-144-16 144V 203V 16A
TCCH-156-14 156V 217V 14A
TCCH-192-12.4 192V 258V 12.4A
TCCH-240-10 240V 320V 10A
Technical Target     LED Indicator  
AC Input Voltage Range AC85V~AC265V   Red-Green flash  Battery Disconnected
AC Input Frequency 45~65 Hz   (one second interval)
AC Power Factor ≥0.98   Red flash  Repair Battery
Full Load Efficiency ≥93   (three seconds interval)
Mechanical Shock & Conformance to   Red flash  <80% Charge Indicator
Vibration Resistance Level SAEJ1378 Standard   (one second interval)
Environmental Enclosure IP46   Yellow flash  >80% Charge Indicator
Operating Temperature -40℃~+55   (one second interval)
Storage Temperature -40℃~+100   Green flash  100% Charge Indicator
Mechanical Dimensions(mm) 352(L)*252(W)*168(H)   (one second interval)
Net Weight 10.24kg      
Protection Features
1.Thermal Self-Protection: When the internal temperature of the charger exceeds 75℃, the charging current will reduce automatically. If exceeds 85℃, the charger will shutdown protectively. When the internal temperature drops, it will resume charging automatically.
2. Short-circuit Protection: When the charger encounters
provide setting versions for LiFePO4 batteries, Lithium batteries, Lead acid batteries.
Please chat with us or send us email if you have special requirement or need support to confirm your battery information.
Note: EV Assemble is responsible to contact customer if information of their order does not have clear information to define each item! We will double check for you and contact you to help defining if we find your setting requirement information is not clear in your order.
For this model, setting will take 9-14 days then issue out trackable express shipment

  • Model: Elcon 3000W HF/PFC
  • 50 Units in Stock

Please Choose:

LiFePo4 / Litihum-ion / LiFeYPO4 / Flooded Lead acid / AGM / Gel

AC: 90V~132V or 192V~264V or 90V~264V

Plug of your destination or other requirement

If 110VAC only provide 15A input current,YES or NO

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 01 April, 2009.

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